Welcome Family, this blog will explore my understanding of Hip Hop culture as I know, understand and continually learn about it. I will be sharing my critiques and what I find interesting about HH and its cultural manifestations. The focus of my blog will be on Black femininity and masculinity, gender body politics and the criminalization of Black bodies. I am interested in how HH culture sends differing messages to Black men and women on how they are supposed to behave as Black men and women. Also it surprises me how non-Black peoples take to HH with disdain towards Black people, the very people who create and perform the music. Criminalization is a major facet of the appearance and behavior in HH culture and with the history of Black bodies as criminal in a country where everyone is supposedly innocent until proven guilty [in a country] which initially did not view Black people as people…well it’s all just complicated. ¬†However, with this blog we gon try and figure it out. Thank you.

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